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Friends are made, memories float on the sidelines and the unexpected is a biteful and smileful away.

Event Planning extra-ordinaire is executed with a flair for the unassuming and divine detail. Dining that catches diner’s by surprise — by the heart, tongue and all senses combined.

Think private dinners, social long table events or ‘food integrated performance’ as a start to the many options – Events are tailored to your vision.

Inquire for options about bespoke, unique event experiences.


Oven Ready Veggie Paté! Oven Ready Veggie Paté!

Unearthing Gold Unearthing Gold credits to: http://feastvirginia.wordpress.com/

Fiddlehead Season Fiddlehead Season


We are always up for new events.
Please get in touch with us.

Oven Ready Veggie Paté!

Unearthing Gold

Fiddlehead Season