Pâté Pastiche

Forest Mushroom pâté

Damn fine seed & grain pâté

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Available only at farmers markets.

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Small batch produced with love and quality ingredients, Pâté Pastiche is a locally-crafted, artisanal product. Savory and soulful, it is created from a family recipe made in the style of a rustic French country terrine — pair it with crusty bread, mustard and spicy greens.

With a base of organic toasted buckwheat, hemp, pumpkin, sunflower and golden flax seeds, the pâté is a protein-packed delicacy with high nutritional benefits.

Appealing to all palates, the pâté is vegan and the ingredients contain no preservatives, gluten*, nuts or fillers.

All of our ingredients are sourced with care as close to home as possible — this is healthy indulgence and inspired snacking at its finest.

*While the ingredients contain no gluten, the pâté is not produced in a gluten-free facility.


Our 4 gourmet flavours use a refined selection of herbs, wild harvested porcini and chanterelle mushrooms, organic, locally grown heirloom tomatoes, sweet squash and organic vegetables.

Forest Mushroom

Full bodied with local wild porcini mushrooms and chanterelles

Mushroom illustration

Market Herb

Rich in the nutty taste of buckwheat, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, this is the original flavour.

Rosemary illustration

Sunshine Tomato

With sun-rich, organic heirloom tomatoes from Cawston, B.C.

Tomato illustration

Golden Squash and Sage

With organic sweet butternut squash and fresh sage.

Squash illustration

Nutritional info

Pâté Pastiche is nutrient dense and made from whole food sources — meaning as close to natural as possible. These whole, organic foods contain a wide array of nutrients that work synergistically with each other, ensuring that your body gets the raw materials it needs to be healthy — they are rich in essential omega 3 oils, chlorophyll, a good source of complete proteins, minerals, vitamins (a good source of Vitamin B12, and antioxidants).

— David Fendick RHN – Board Member of Holistic Nutritionists of BC —




Cutting corners is not our thing and the pâté is baked in a lovely, traditional round shape. Perfect with companions such as sweet onion, fresh radishes and cress, Pastiche is classically spread on your favourite sandwich or served as a welcome addition to a cheese and antipasto platter.

Start to think of it as a protein source, and you can wrap it in warm corn tortillas with dressed greens, add crisped cubes to a rice bowl or on top of a fresh salad — even bake it as a stuffing in a kale leaf, mushroom or squash.

The options are endless, tell us how you like to enjoy it …

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